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Singer. Songwriter.

Composer. Guitarist.       

Vocal Trumpeter. Percussionist.


Gypsy Soul Pioneer.

+Edwin Vazquez

Edwin Vazquez was born to create music that loves.

Blessed with raw talent and a spirited, gypsy soul, he fuses Rumba, Flamenco, Jazz, Bolero, R’n’B, Bossa Nova, and a whole lot of Rhythm to intricately craft astoundingly rich and poignant songs that sing to your heart, body & mind.


In 2003 Edwin’s released his debut album ‘Faith’, which he dedicated to his father, the gifted Bolero artist Roberto Vazquez. Faith received critical press acclaim from the likes of El Mundo, Canales, El Impacto, El Especial, Hoy El Diario, amongst many other newspapers and magazines, along with earning him exclusive features on Telemundo and Univision.


Throughout his vibrant musical journey he’s played/recorded with legends such as Paul Simon, Tony Vega, Marc Anthony and Tito Puente Jr., and graced the stages of Lincoln Center, Cami Concert Hall, Webster Hall, The Gershwin Theatre and numerous other venues throughout the U.S., Puerto Rico and Canada.


Yet his voyage is just beginning. His experiences but a whisper of the places he’s destined to reach, the songs just waiting to be expressed, all the hearts he will touch and the people he will love through his music.



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